A Day of Fasting and Prayer

Brothers and sisters at Crestwood,

The leadership groups of the Presbyterian Church in America (our denomination), the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and the Anglican Church in North America have called for a joint day of fasting and prayer on Good Friday, April 10, in order to spend devoted time bringing the Coronavirus pandemic to our Heavenly Father. Collectively, these three churches have over half a million members. 

Here is an article describing the joint call in the PCA news magazine: https://byfaithonline.com/a-call-for-a-day-of-prayer-and-fasting-good-friday-april-10-2020/

Two helpful resources: One is an article written by Richard Pratt of Third Millennium Ministries on biblical fasting and prayer. The other is a recommended list of prayer topics.

Fasting is something of a lost spiritual discipline among many modern Evangelical Christians. This is an opportunity for us to rediscover it in our prayer lives. Jesus speaks positively of fasting in the Sermon on the Mount and he tells his disciples to engage in it quietly and privately rather than broadcasting it as a public act of piety (Matt. 6:16-18). Likewise, we have many examples of Christians committing important matters to God with fasting and prayer (eg. Acts 13:2-4 14:23). The idea is that we abstain from food for a time in order to focus our attention more intentionally on prayer. When we feel hungry, we take it as a reminder to pray.

Some of us need to eat throughout the day because of health issues. That’s okay. Please commit to spend time in prayer anyway. For others, abstaining from food for an entire day is impractical, but skipping one or two meals and planning set times for prayer could work. That would be great.

Participating in a day of fasting and prayer like this is not a spiritual command. It’s not a specific matter of obedience to God. But it is a call for Christians across denominational lines to join their voices in lament, thanksgiving, and supplication to the One who is sovereign over all things. Other churches and parachurch ministries are also planning days of fasting and prayer. We applaud this. We encourage you, if you are able, to join in this day of fasting and prayer on Good Friday.

On behalf of the Session,

Pastor Jeff